Consumer Alert

10.22.15 – Denver Police warn of roofing scam targeting elderly women

Denver police are warning the public about a scam they say is targeting elderly women.

Investigators say a man approaches the homes of people who are having roofing work done or have their work completed.

The man then asks the intended victim to go outside and look at the roof, or asks for a bucket of hot water. While the victim is distracted, a second suspect goes into the home and steals jewelry, money or safes.

Denver police wrote on Facebook that this has happened at least three times in Denver and that there have been similar burglaries in Littleton, Westminster and Colorado Springs.

However, in the other cases, the suspects have claimed to be with the water company or the utility company.

The Denver Police Department are recommending that you keep your house locked when you are away, as well as when you are home and use deadbolt locks to secure your home.

“Never, under any circumstances, let anyone know you are alone in the house,” Denver Police said.

Read the alert on 7 News by clicking here.