How to Join

Member Benefits

Print out and complete this Membership Application:

Membership Application

Membership dues are $600.00 per calendar year. Your dues will be prorated at $50.00 per month for the remaining months of the year. Upon receipt of your membership application, CRA will contact you to arrange for payment of dues.

Contractors applying for CRA Membership also MUST submit the following to be eligible:

  1. A roofing contractor business license showing that the company has been in operation for a minimum of two years, issued by a Colorado municipality or jurisdiction that requires a test for licensing; or roofing contractor business licenses showing that the company has been in business for at least two years issued by two Colorado municipalities that do not require a test for licensing.
  2. A current Colorado Worker’s Compensation Certificate reflecting roofing or sheet metal classification.
  3. A certificate of insurance showing general liability protection of at least $500,000.00.
  4. Sign and abide by the CRA Code of Ethics.
  5. Evidence of passing a nationally recognized examination that address roofing work on residential and/or commercial property (National Building Contractor A, B, C & Standard Roofing From IBC or ICC accepted).
  6. You must have a fixed address with a physical location.
  7. Submit three (3) satisfactory business references in Colorado: one from a customer and two from a supplier/vendor.
  8. Each applicant must be Sponsored by a current CRA Member(s).
  9. Sign Continuing Involvement Units (CIUs) acknowledgement form that you have read and understand the CIU requirement.


CRA Membership is based on the calendar year and renews each January. Membership can be renewed by:

  1. Paying the annual dues renewal fee.
  2. Meeting the same application requirements outlined above as referenced in item 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9.
  3. Provide evidence of having taken 8 Continuing Involvement Units (CIU’s) at approved workshops, programs or seminars during each calendar year. CIU requirements are for all current and new contractor members starting January 1, 2017 for renewal in 2018 and each year thereafter. (For new members, CIU requirements will be prorated from the month your application is accepted through the remaining months of the year.)

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